Texas International Education Consortium Partners With Baghdad Business School To Prepare Iraqi Youth For Private Sector Employment

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22 February, 2023 (Wednesday)
Texas International Education Consortium Partners With Baghdad Business School To Prepare Iraqi Youth For Private Sector Employment

Baghdad, Iraq.  February 22, 2023:  The Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) is partnering with the Baghdad Business School (BBS) to prepare Iraqi youth to start their own businesses or find jobs in the private sector.  The two organizations were recently awarded a two-year grant from the U.S. Department of State to increase the institutional capacity of BBS and strengthen its English language programs.


This partnership with TIEC will enable BBS to strengthen its internal policies and structures so it can expand its programming to support a larger number of students with necessary job skills. TIEC will also enhance the English language program at BBS by strengthening the curriculum, training teachers in modern pedagogy, and providing access to new language learning tools.


“Baghdad Business School is very pleased to partner with TIEC through this project,” stated BBS Director Christine van den Toorn.  “Strengthening our English language curriculum and teaching capabilities will enable more Iraqi youth to improve their language skills, which leads directly to job opportunities in the private sector.  Enhancing our institutional capacity will allow BBS to grow and prepare more Iraqi youth for their careers.”


Iraq’s population is one of the youngest in the world, with one-third between 15 and 29 years of age.  Youth unemployment sits at about 36%, but rates for young women are as high as 65%.  Many university graduates lack the English language proficiency and business skills needed to obtain jobs in the private sector.  To address this skills gap, BBS offers a one-year Business Foundations Program in English language, business, and soft and professional skills that prepares Iraqi youth for work in the private sector.  Graduates from its first two cohorts have started their own businesses, found jobs, or advanced their careers in the private sector.


"TIEC is honored to collaborate with Baghdad Business School to build institutional capacity to support young professionals seeking to succeed in today's workforce." said TIEC's Chief of Programs and Operations Heather Farmakis, Ph.D.  "We hope the outcomes of this project lead to greater ties in the region and aid in Baghdad Business School's future success."


TIEC is a Texas-based consortium of 38 public and private universities from Texas, Africa, and the Middle East with an ethos to advance international partnerships, collaboration, and exchanges. TIEC facilitates and fosters international education programs and partnerships by, with, and for its university members.  Since its founding in 1985, TIEC has provided educational assistance and consulting services for governments and institutions in more than 40 countries, across five continents.  TIEC is a recognized expert with extensive experience working with governments and institutions of education to improve course and degree program quality and responsiveness, and to foster equity and inclusion.


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