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BBS tailors workshops, training, and courses in English, Professional, and Business skills to companies and firms for entry and mid-level employees to help develop skills and build capacity.

English and Business Skills Development - Al-Awsat

BBS provided English language and Business skills development courses to managers at Al-Awsat company as part of the Numerus Group.

These courses are integrated-skills with focus on improving learners’ general English skills such as the development of the four core skills in addition to enhancing their vocabulary and grammar. The managers were exposed to diverse reading materials and are expected to discuss and produce a range of language target objectives. They were also taught speaking and listening with a focus on pronunciation. This has improved the students’ soft skills such as making presentations, taking part in discussions, and using English in social and professional situations. Most activities are prepared in a way to touch on critical thinking skills suitable to this level.

Business Correspondence - TBI

BBS provided Business Correspondence course to managers at the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI)

The aim of this course was to cultivate managers’ general comprehension of Business English and to provide them with practical language strategies, which they can use to communicate effectively in a variety of important business contexts.
The managers have acquired business writing skills and an understanding of crucial business vocabulary and related grammar structures through group work, practical exercises, and simulated discussions.
By the end of this course, the mangers were able to write and read basic business letters, reports, and memos, expand vocabulary related to general business situations, Improve their understanding of English grammar in order to communicate effectively in a business setting, and develop confidence to communicate in English with agents and customers in the workplace.

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