BBS Welcomes Fourth Class

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01 November, 2023 (Wednesday)
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BBS Welcomes Fourth Class

Baghdad Business School is excited to announce the kick-off of our fourth cohort, and the response has been nothing short of amazing! We received around 500 applications, highlighting the growing popularity of BBS as a go-to place for quality education. 

In this 4th cohort, we've got 63 eager students ready to dive into their journey. 65% of them are talented female students (41), and we've got 35% enthusiastic males (22), making it a diverse and vibrant group.

The new students attend the Orientation day on October 25 and 26 to learn more about their schedule, get to know each other better, and meet the BBS team and faculty members. They started their first week of classes on October 29 in Professional English which will last until March 2024.

As we welcome these new students, we're looking forward to seeing the unique strengths and perspectives they'll bring to the BBS community. This surge in interest not only speaks to the appeal of our program but also to the trust placed in BBS as a hub for meaningful learning.

We're all set for an exciting journey with our fantastic Class of 2024

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