Sponsorship & Partnership

Internship Program

BBS partners with private sector companies on internship and job programs for its students and graduates. In the final semester of the program, BBS sends firms and companies a list of its graduates with thet CVs and profiles, and facilitates interviews.

Mentorship Program
  • Expert training : BBS welcomes experts from companies to develier lectures, training and workshops during its year long program in key business topics.
  • Entry-levelemployee training : tailor training for enty-level employees at private sector firms in English , Business and Professional skills.

If you or your company are interested in supporting BBS through scholarships or other funding, please email us at support@iraqed.org

Support BBS

Whether you are an individual, a private-sector company or an international organization, supporting BBS is an impactful way to invest in Iraqi youth, education, and the future workforce of Iraq.

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